Technical description of the building and apartments

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А. Building

1. Building and structural design of building

1.1. Reinforced concrete foundation.
1.2. Basement insulation— 100 mm thick Penoplast slabs XPS "Finnfoam XPS 100" on full height of basement walls, according to the draft. Finish of the basement— painted plaster on the grid.
1.3. External walls of 200 mm aerated concrete with 150 mm mineral wool insulation "ISOVER OL-E" or equivalent. Finish — painted decorative plaster system "Caparol - Capatec A" or equivalent.
1.4. Perimeter walls of staircases— reinforced concrete.
1.5. Internal walls between apartments— 200 mm concrete blocks plastered 10 mm on both sides. Ensuring the sound insulation between flats according to the regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
1.6. Self-supporting walls in the apartments — gypsum plasterboard slabs. Gypsum plasterboard according to the space requirements.
1.7. Inter floor slabs — precast concrete hollow panels.
1.8. Roof construction — solid concrete overlap, polystyrene foam insulation, waterproofing bitumen roll.
1.9. Ceilings — gypsum plasterboard sheets and trim painted in situ concrete according to the draft of the interior.
1.10. Stairs— industry ready flights of stairs casted of precast concrete. Staircase railings— balusters of painted metal with wooden top.
1.11. Entrance door of the apartment— metal security door with double-sided plywood finish.
1.12. Internal doors of apartments — plywood of the oak veneer.
1.13. Apartment windows— profile frames PVC.

2. Water supply and sewerage

2.1. Water supply from the city water supply.
2.2. The building is connected to the city sewer system.
2.3. Heating water in the heating unit of the residential building.

3. Heating

3.1. Autonomous heating system— gas boilers in the boiler room.
3.2. Radiators with thermostats.
3.3. In the lavatories the underfloor heating with thermostatic control.

4. Ventilation

4.1. The flow of air through the windows in the ventilation mode.
4.2. Local fans in individual rooms.

5. Electricity

5.1. Mains voltage: 380V/220V.
5.2. Wall switches and plug sockets from manufacturer Siemens or similar.
5.3. Built-in lights 220V, in lavatories 12V.
5.4. Lightning protection system in accordance with the norms of the Republic of Latvia.

6. Low voltage networks

6.1. Fixed telephone networks.
6.2. Cable TV.
6.3. Internet connection.
6.4. Apartments are equipped with the intercom.
6.5. Access to the territory, garage doors with an individual card, stairwells — through the intercom.

7. Finish of the common areas

7.1. Painted walls and ceilings, metal railings with wooden top, on the floor stone mass tiles.
7.2. Underground floor— polished concrete floor, concrete walls and ceiling.
7.3. Flooring in the stairwells made of the stone mass tiles.

В. Apartment

8. Decorating of the apartment, Interior

8.1. Metal armored entrance doors with double-sided plywood finish.
8.2. Veneered oak plywood internal doors, according to the draft of the interior.
8.3. Door architraves in the color of the door.
8.4. Loggia and terrace doors— white PVC with glass windows.
8.5. Laminated parquet flooring from Belgian Quick Step manufacturer or equivalent, the color according to the interior draft.
8.6. The flooring in the bedrooms — carpeting of the Belgian manufacturer Associated Weavers or similar, the color according to the design of the interior.
8.7. Half plinths: the tone of the appropriate flooring, width and height according to the design of the interior.
8.8. In the lavatories on the floor and on envisaged in the draft areas ceramic tiles from Polish manufacturer Kwadro Ceramica, color according to the interior design.
8.9. The walls are covered with vinyl wallpaper from Canadian manufacturer Norwall Wallcovering, color according to the interior design.
8.10. Processed regypsum and concrete ceilings, painted according to the draft of the interior.
8.11. In lavatories— electrically heated floor with thermostatic control.

9. Sanitary equipment

9.1. Water faucets for sanitary facilities — chrome with 1 handle, Hansgrohe Focus E2 type.
9.2. Huppe X1 shower cabins with stone mass pallets PAA ART, shower sets Hansgrohe CROMETTA 85 VARIO, chrome.
9.3. Stone mass baths— PAA Uno Grande (1700x750), shower sets Hansgrohe CROMETTA 85 VARIO, chrome.
9.4. Toilets Villeroy & Boch O.novo complete with lids.
9.5. Bidets Villeroy&Boch O.novo.
9.6. Sinks from stone mass— PAA Delta (900x460 or 1200x460, according to the draft of the interior).

10. Electricity

10.1. Electro panels with circuit breakers for consumers.
10.2. Panels provide a space for the backup connections for 1 unit of 1-phase and 1 unit of 3-phase group.
10.3. Power supply: power outlets with protection class IP20 mounted at a height of 0.25 m above the floor.
10.4. In lavatories installed power outlets with protection class IP44 at a height of 1.05 m, the heated floors are provided with a thermostatic control.
10.5. In kitchens, power outlets protected with class IP20 / IP44 at a height of 0.06 m and 1.05 m above the work surfaces.
10.6. In corridors are set bells, communication devices— Intercom.
10.7. Lighting held according to the architectural project, switches installed on a height of 0.90 m and 1.0 m above the floor.
10.8. Bathrooms/WC: ceiling built-in lights are provided with protection class IP44, output above mirrors, outside installed switches with protection class IP20 or inside— switches with protection class IP44.
10.9. Fans in bathrooms/WC connected to light switches with a separate switch.
10.10. Kitchens: there is a general lighting and local over work surfaces.
10.11. Rooms: There are terminals for connecting chandeliers, sockets are installed at a height of 0.25 meters, switches at a height of 0.90 m.
10.12. In apartments there is a fire alarm system, in accordance with the Republic of Latvia.

С. Other

11. Permissible deviations

11.1. According to the construction standards of the Republic of Latvia.

12. Notes

13. Not allowed

13.1. Changes in the layout of the apartments, an independent delivery of construction materials.

14. An explanation of graphical part drawings of the interior design

14.1. In the plans of the interior design— form, as well as placement of the furniture, are for information purpose.
14.2. If there are contradictions on the specification of the present application of finishing materials built to specification Project Interior Design Apartments and accessories specified in terms of the choice, then in the power is this specified annex selection.
14.3. If, for reasons beyond the control of the supplier of materials, selected interior material is not possible, the parties agree on another equivalent class with equivalent technical parameters.
14.4. In engineering and communication solutions for common separated elements of the building seller may apply technically equivalent solutions.